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USU To Distribute Second Wave Of CARES Act Funding To Students



USU will distribute nearly nine-million dollars in emergency stimulus money for students affected by the coronavirus pandemic. 

Robert Wagner is the Vice President for Academic and Instructional Services at USU and said the federal money will be for computers and for students to have faster internet access. 

“We are determining students who qualify, and those who do will receive a $300 technology grant," he said.

According to Wagner, approximately 80% of the school’s courses will have some sort of technology component. 

“We’re very sensitive to the fact that many of our students are going to need help in being prepared with the necessary technology for fall," he said.

Wagner said the university received about $8.7 million to disperse directly to students. 

The first disbursement took place in May for students enrolled in spring semester. 

According to Wagner, the legislation allows the school to disperse funds up to a year after they were first received, which was late spring. 

“We know that we can continue to disperse funds fall semester and maybe even spring if we still have remaining funds," he said.

Wagner said USU students are excited to receive more help as their plans and schedules adapt to safety precautions following the pandemic.  

Student need will be distributed on a first come first serve basis until fall or the funds run out.