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New Housing Advocacy Program Launches In Cache Valley To Assist Minority Groups



The Cache Refugee and Immigrant Connection launched a new housing advocacy program for refugee, immigrant, and Latino communities who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The organization's advocates want to help families settle into Cache Valley during the health crisis. 

“Some of them do not have internet access at home, or computers at home, or other kinds of tools and resources that are necessary in order to complete a housing application," Jess Lucero said.

Lucero is the board president of the Cache Refugee and Immigration Connection.  

Lucero said the pandemic was especially hard on Latino communities in the valley, particularly those who work in production and processing. 

“We’ve seen work disruptions, reduced wages that kind of cut dominoes into uncertainty about being able to make rent payments and stay on top of just basic household finances," she said.


The group can help in Spanish and tigrinya because most of the clients speak English as a second language. 


The group works with the Bear River Association of Governments and Lucero said the program has already made a difference for those facing uncertainty during the pandemic. 

More information about the housing advocacy program, as well as how to get in touch with an advocate, can be found at