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Various Demonstrators Show Up To Vice Presidential Debate Wednesday

Eliza Hardy



Outside of Kingsbury Hall, the location of Wednesday’s vice presidential debate, many groups of demonstrators gathered-- including a group of elderly Biden supporters who are frustrated with what they view as Trump supporters disregarding their safety. 

“They're not wearing masks. And that is very, very scary. So they basically don't care that they're not wearing a mask. I said, I would appreciate it if you would wear a mask. And their answer was indecipherable, but it was not kind," said Kathy Fitzgerald and her husband Jean.

The two said their group doesn’t know how both groups could come together. 

“You have to agree on what is reality," Kathy said. "I have a brother who's a Trump supporter, and we don't even agree on what reality and truth are. And if you can't start there, I don't know where you start."

On the other side, Josh Fassbender, said they receive a lot of hate because of their conservative beliefs and have even lost friends. 


“I voted for Trump, because he's done a lot for the country in the last couple years," Fassbender said. "He's lowered unemployment. He's done a lot for the economy, and he's done what's best for the working class people. And that's where we are, and he's continuing to help us and I believe he's gonna do it another four years.”

And when it comes to unity,  Brandon Chapman said they believe Trump has helped bring the country together through supporting American freedoms.

“I think four more years of Donald Trump really can bring more unity to the country," Chapman said. "If he has four more years and they see how he handles the rest of the coronavirus, how he handles all these rights and everything, how he's going to take care of our rights and our freedoms."