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Northern Utah Legislators Hold Virtual Town Hall, Discuss Upcoming Session

Utah lawmakers and moderator on a Zoom call

The first week of Utah’s legislative session has ended and Northern Utah lawmakers are already working on many different pieces of legislation. The men gathered virtually last week for a town hall streamed on Facebook, where they updated constituents on topics from taxes to firearms.

“I think the legislative leaders and also the governor or both have been talking about an $80 million tax break. No, we're not looking at any tax increase. We're very, very fortunate the state of Utah right now is better off financially than any other state in the country,” said Senator Chris Wilson. Wilson is serving on the Senate’s Taxation and Revenue committee and represents Cache and Rich counties. 


Representative Casey Snider of Paradise explained one of the bills he is sponsoring, House Bill 66, which is related to the police power held by county sheriffs. 


“It's directly in response to what we saw happen in May of this year in our capital city. You had a mayor putting political pressure on a city police chief to basically more or less stand down in a time of crisis,” Snider said.


A bill allowing lawful firearm owners over 21 to conceal carry their firearm in public without a permit was also discussed at length. All of the legislators representing Cache County, as well as Representative Joel Ferry of Brigham city, have signed on to co-sponsor this legislation.


“You know, our new governor has indicated that, you know, depending on the final package looks like, but he's supportive of this as well,” Ferry said. “So it's got a good chance of making it to the finish line.”

The next virtual town hall will be streamed on the Cache County Republican Party Facebook page on Thursday, February 4th.