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Utah Democrats Issue Apology To Victims Of Sexual Harassment Within The Party

The Utah Democratic Party Chair, Jeff Merchant issued an apology today on behalf of the state party to “several women who came forward years ago with (sexual harassment) allegations (that) were not treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.”

According to a press release, Utah Democrats decided to re-examine how these allegations were handled in light of the allegations made against members of the Salt Lake County Republican Party and which were widely publicized last week. The release stated that “the party did not give the women involved an opportunity to speak, and therefore failed to complete an investigation.”

Merchant stated in the press release that neither he “nor any other member of our current leadership can take responsibility for our predecessors,” and that what they can do “is commit to making our community a safer and more respectful place.” 


The release also stated that the party is proud of anti-harassment policies implemented in 219 and that moving forward they commit to addressing “the broad cultural issues involving harassment against all people and marginalized communities within our party and outside of it.”