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Chinese Communist Party Poses Counterintelligence Threat To Utah, FBI says


David Fitzgibbons, a special agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation who covers national security breaches in Montana, Idaho and Utah, said he believes the “greatest long term threat in the United States, including the people of Utah, is the Chinese Communist Party.”According to a report from FOX 13, Fitzgibbons said it’s almost guaranteed China has all of the personal information of every American adult. He said China’s primary goal is to steal our trade secrets and replicate our economy so they can “eventually replace us in the global market.”


Fitzgibbons said the FBI is opening a new China-related case every 10 hours across the country. Total, there have been approximately 5,000 counterintelligence cases and nearly half of them involve China. 


In order to secure your information, Pete Ashdown, the founder of XMission, says to take precautions, such as making a longer password because it takes hackers much longer to hack into your information.