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Daytime Watering Necessary In Some Parts Of Utah Because Of Secondary Water Supply

Thanks to extreme drought conditions, most of Utah is under watering restrictions which has left some Southern Utah residents wondering why public spaces like parks, golf courses and cemeteries are being watered during the day.

According to Mori Kessler of the St. George News, county and municipal water managers said daytime watering is a necessity because of secondary water supply.

Culinary water is treated more heavily so that it is safe to drink and in many situations is the type of water residents use to water their lawns and gardens. The report from the St. George News said communities have a higher storage capacity for culinary water than they do for secondary water. Secondary water is used for watering parks, cemeteries, golf courses, and in agriculture and there is less storage capacity for this water. The water managers Kessler spoke to said this means watering done with secondary water must be done throughout the day because the system cannot support it happening all at night.