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Here Are Some Of The Factors Impacting The Cost Of Your Plane Ticket To Or From SLC:

Kailey Foster

The website Finance Buzz recently analyzed the average fares at 45 of the busiest airports in the United States and ranked the Salt Lake International Airport as the fourth most expensive. According to an airport spokes person, the types of flights coming to and from the airport are one reason.

The Salt Lake Airport is primarily a Delta hub, which means non-stop flights are available to many domestic and international destinations. This convenience tends to keep ticket prices higher, according to Nancy Volmer, the airport’s communication director. 

“With the new airport that we recently opened and when we open up phase two, we’ll have the ability to attract some new airlines," Volmer said. "And so when you bring in new airlines, that typically will impact the airfares that are being charged.”


The new renovations will also bring in new international airlines which should increase competition between airlines.


Austin is an employee in the revenue department of a major U.S. carrier and said the competition between airlines is rigorous.


"It’s pretty cut throat," he said. "In pricing, I see somebody can put something in and then domestically, internationally we will match that pretty quickly if we think we should be matching it.” 


According to Austin, the two major factors that play into the airfares are the marketplace and the competition between airlines.

“It depends on if it’s a low-cost carrier or one of the older carriers, like Delta, United, American or whoever's adding the route that can affect what the pricing ends up in that market, even if there is competition on that route," he said.