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Non-Profit Utah County Art Studio Working To Expand


In 2017, Tallia Feltis signed the lease for an empty photo studio in a Provo mall and opened the Neighborhood Art Center. According to Feltis, she launched the non-profit because she believed her community needed more creative spaces. 

“We really try to focus on making everything open-ended and really creative," Feltis said. "We want kids to come here and we want them to learn to love art and creativity.”


Heath Skabelund is one parent who has been taking her kids to the center since it’s opening. 


“It’s been cool as a parent to be able to have my child have that exposure, when she probably wouldn't have it otherwise," she said.


Feltis now has the opportunity to expand the center and more than double the space and is hoping that will help her reach more kids like Skabelund’s. 


“She had this idea and she went for it and it turned out to be pretty incredible and now they are expanding, which is super exciting, to give them more space," Skabelund said.


Feltis said she is looking forward to the expansion because of the opportunities it will allow for. In addition to more studio, classroom and art show space, Feltis hopes in the future to have ceramics and printmaking equipment and maybe even a darkroom. To help fund the expansion, Feltis has launched a Go Fund Me. 


Kids who visit the center not only learn about different mediums, but different artists as well. One program Feltis put on highlighted a different artist each week for a year. 


“We made sure it’s an equal number of men and women and an equal number of people of color because we wanted to show kids like a broad spectrum of artists," Feltis said. "And also, we found that like talking about art and different artists, just like other topics come up like race, gender and accessibility.”