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Big Tech, Social Media Censorship Conference To Be Held In SLC

Over 1,300 legislators will be visiting Salt Lake City for an annual national conference focused on big tech, social media censorship, misinformation and political bias. 

The conference is hosted by the free market-focused American Legislative Exchange Council, which facilitates discussions regarding model legislation for state lawmakers across the nation. A variety of workshops will be held for legislators and the topic of social media regulation is expected to be a hot topic for debate.

Utah Republican Senator Mike Lee has been vocal with his opinion that Big Tech companies are unfairly suppressing conservatives, meanwhile; Democratice Senator Elizabeth Warren believes that social media companies haven’t done enough to combat misinformation, hate speech and extremism. 


President Joe Biden went as far as to say that platforms such as Facebook are “killing people” because of misinformation surrounding COVID-19 vaccines. 


Representatives from Facebook, Google, Twitter and NetChoice, a trade association that represents the companies in Washington, are also expected to attend the workshop.