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Smoke Over Utah Results In The Worst Air In The World

Smoke from West Coast fires has blanketed Utah in a dense smog. As of Friday Salt Lake City has the worst air of any major city in the world, according to,

The Salt Lake County Health Department said the smoke can be very dangerous especially for those with underlying health conditions. The department listed eight different tips based on  guidelines from the Environmental Protection Agency to help combat the smoke.

These tips include keeping windows and doors shut, limiting the use of swamp coolers, closing the fresh air intake vent on window AC units, avoiding creating more fires, buying an indoor air purifier, postponing house cleaning such as vacuuming, limiting physical activity and using an N95 mask. 

Currently, there is no rain in the forecast and the smoke is expected to remain all weekend. However, there is some hope of wind picking up tonight and clearing some of it out.