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Cache Valley Hosts The First Annual Cheese And Dairy Festival

Bailey Kern



Cache Valley is the cheese capital of Utah.  In efforts to celebrate this, Cache Valley held the first annual cheese and dairy festival on Saturday. I had the opportunity to talk with some leaders in the industry while attending the festival.  

Kayci Cerda, the department supervisor for Gossner Foods, said the outcome was great. 

“I just think we have some really good local places around the valley and it’s just kind of fun to get everybody together, kind of bring the community together,” Cerda said. “With everything that has been going on, it’s nice to see people getting out and enjoying life. We have Cookie the cow which is a great attraction for adults and children so that’s a lot of fun.” 

Vendors interacted with the community with butter churning and charcuterie board demos. Cerda said she hopes for more growth in the future. 

“There's a lot of free samples, milk, ice cream, cheese curds, you name it. There’s all sorts of dairy products here. In the future, it would just be nice to maybe kind of grow a little bit more and see even more people,” she said. 

Dairy Farmers of America is one of the many vendors that attended the event and brought their best samples of cheese and milk products. Saadi Fahmi is the location supervisor of transportation of DFA. 

“We just want to be interacting with the community and introduce the community to dairy farmers of america. Who we are and what we do. Today we are bringing our Cache Valley Cheese and we’re bringing our trumoo from meadow gold. We have a different variety of products and I wish I could bring everything in here,” he said. 

The day was filled with food, live entertainment, the ‘Best Cheesecake in the Country’ contest, and, of course, cows