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New FBI Data Shows Utah Had A Surge Of Homicides And Violent Crimes In 2020

According to newly-released crime data from the FBI, more Utahns were victimized by violent crimes in 2020 than any other year in the past decade. The crime report shows the homicide rate in Utah was 24% above the 10-year average.The increase in homicides in Utah reflects the national trend, which showed a 30% year-over-year increase nationwide.


Criminal Justice Department Chair at Weber State University Molly Sween says COVID-19 was a major disruption in people’s lives, but she says there are likely many factors as to why violent crimes increased.


2021 may end up being even worse than 2020 for violent crimes in the U.S. A report by the Major Cities Chief Association shows homicide cases have increased by approximately 20% in 66 of the nation’s largest cities since last year.