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BLM starts making new plan to help sage-grouse and other species

The Bureau of Land Management has started the process to replace it’s 2019 sagebrush plan.  The changes came over increasing concern about the long-term health of sage-grouse and other species.  Sage-grouse are close to being considered threatened and have been at the center of environmental concerns in the West.

Sage-grouse and over 350 other species face pressure as changes are made to their natural habitat, including farmland development, oil and gas drilling sites, invasive vegetation, wildfires, and drought.

The BLM created a sage-grouse habitat plan in 2015 and the plan was changed in 2019.  Both plans received considerable support and backlash. The BLM said they are trying to build upon these plans to come up with a good solution to protect sage grouse and other species.