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USU Researchers Develop Personalized Water Conservation Messaging Tool

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Their methods include, analyzing different types of public data such as high frequency water usage data, which records water use every 10 seconds. Coupled with psychological data which you can understand people’s intent with water usage.

“We are seeing a really important opportunity to bring these two data streams together."

With that data Rosenberg and Aveek can better understand their audience and their habits, helping water managers to create personalized virtual messaging tailored for a specific audience.

“What we are doing here is a voluntary strategy, it’s not mandatory. We are trying to share as much information and we are trying to customize it so that it provides enough motivation to the households, so it is not a restrictive or enforced strategy and we want to do it in an interactive and intuitive manner.”

Interpreting the data and creating customized messaging for water conservation can give individuals the option to apply techniques that are tailored to their specific household such as fixing leaky faucets, installing a water saving dishwasher, or reducing overall water consumption.