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4-year-old fires gun at police officers during his father’s attempted arrest

Police investigation taking place outside of a Midvale McDonald's

A Utah father was taken into custody in Midvale after allegedly instructing his 4-year-old child to fire a gun at police officers during his arrest.

The shot was fired following a dispute over an order at a McDonald’s drive-thru where Sadaat Johnson, accompanied by his two children, brandished his gun to staff workers instructing them to correct his order. After staff called the police, officers arrived on the scene and attempted to arrest him, but not before he told his 4-year-old boy to aim his gun at the officers and shoot.

One of the officers was able to push the barrel away from their direction just as the gun was fired, with the bullet striking an overhead awning. The officers promptly noticed that it was a child who fired the gun, so they didn’t return shots.

The Division of Child and Family Services is currently investigating the overall situation and Johnson’s children have been given to the care of his family. After being taken into custody, Johnson faces charges of felony child abuse and threatening the use of a weapon.