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Gas prices top $4 per gallon for first time since 2008

 A motorist pumps gasoline at a gas station in Lafayette, Calif.
Jocelyn Gecker
AP Photo Fox 13
A motorist pumps gasoline at a gas station in Lafayette, Calif.

For the first time since 2008, the average U.S. price of regular gasoline has passed $4 per gallon.

According to the AAA motor club, prices of regular gas have increased by almost 41 cents during the first week of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. GasBuddy has reported that this is the second largest jump in average national prices in a single week.

It was reported on Sunday that California had the highest average price for gasoline amongst all U.S. states, with the high price being $5.29. The lowest average price was in Missouri at around $3.60.

In a statement, Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis for GasBuddy, warned Americans of potential global repercussions and advised them to prepare to pay more for gas. Gas prices typically increase around this time of year and as Russia’s war on Ukraine continues to grow, those prices will continue to be effected.

The all-time high for average gas prices in the U.S. was set on July 17, 2008 with it being $4.10 per gallon.

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