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Carnegie Hall's Link Up concert comes to Northern Utah

Link Up Concert at Daines Concert Hall
Anna Johnson
Link Up Concert at Daines Concert Hall

The Cache Children’s Choir played a special part in the Link Up concert by representing their peers on stage. Kara Jensen has been a part of the choir for 3 years.

“We had a lot of singing practices and we practiced all of our songs a lot. It’s just fun to do,” said Jensen.

Heather Jensen, Kara’s mother and Vice President of the choir’s Board of Directors, acted as both parent and chaperone at the concert. She sees the positive impact of music in the lives of the choir members.

“Being able to perform in front of a thousand children of their peers but also work with the American Festival Chorus and Orchestra, what an amazing experience just to be on stage and have that opportunity,” said Jensen.

Artistic Director of the Cache Children’s Choir, Jaron Putnam, led the composite choir on-stage.

“What makes it so special is that we invite children from the elementary schools. It provides such an experience for the kids. My favorite thing today is seeing them up there on that stage surrounded by all of this music. What an incredible experience,” said Putnam.

The Link Up music education program introduces students to choral and orchestral music and hopes to ignite a passion within them through interactive learning experiences culminating in the Link Up concert showing them that, as the theme of the concert says, “The Orchestra Rocks!”

Anna grew up begging her mom to play music instead of public radio over the car stereo on the way to school. Now, she loves radio and the power of storytelling through sound. While she is happy to report on anything from dance concerts to laughter practice, her main focus at UPR is political reporting. She is studying Journalism and Political Science at Utah State University and wants to work in political communication after she graduates. In her free time, she spends time with her rescue dog Quigley and enjoys rock climbing.