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Utah State Engineering students work with Jump The Moon to help everyone make art

Engineering students working on their project for Jump The Moon
Victoria Steeneck's team working on their project

Michael Bingham directs art classes at Jump The Moon at a Utah State University building basement. The studio focuses on people with diverse abilities.

“We believe that every living being is important and valuable, and an essential part of our community as a whole,” Bingham said.

The non-profit had to leave their main street location during the pandemic, so USU is lending them a space. While they are here, Bingham said he is grateful for the new opportunities USU has provided him.

“We landed up here at Utah State, and almost immediately the light bulb went on,” Bingham said. “I was like, wow, I'm surrounded by talented people in so many different areas.”

Bingham is working with a couple mechanical engineering students this semester. Both groups are developing projects that help differently abled people create art projects. Chris Mclaughlin and his team are making a robot art station that melts crayons, and Victoria Steeneck’s team, an art station you steer with a wheel. Steeneck said she’s not just focused on her grade.

“A lot of focus that we do on our project is making sure that the project has a lot of longevity, so that it's going to last far beyond our years here at Utah State,” Steeneck said.

Both projects are designed for people who have limited use of their hands. Mclaughlin said while creating the project has been cool, ultimately, he does it for Michael.

“What I really hope is that Michael and jump the moon become well known,” Mclaughlin said. “That this allows them to have greater mobility to get their name out there.”

Both senior design projects will be on display at the university on May 4th.

Emma Feuz is a senior at Utah State University majoring in broadcast journalism with minors in sociology and political science. She grew up in Evanston, Wyoming where, just like Utah State, the sagebrush also grows. Emma found her love of writing at an early age and slowly discovered her interest in all things audio and visual throughout her years in school. She is excited to put those passions to use at UPR. When school isn't taking up her time, Emma loves longboarding, cheering on the Denver Broncos, and cleaning the sink at Angies.