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BYU student reveals Pride Flag colors during graduation ceremony

BYU graduate Jillian Orr flaunts the Pride Flag during a commencement ceremony over the weekend.

A Brigham Young University student revealed a Pride Flag in her graduation gown during a commencement ceremony over the weekend.

Jillian Orr, a bisexual student, says that she and other members of the LGBTQ community have struggled during their time at BYU and that she wanted to do some sort of protest in a civil manner. Her protest would show that people of the LGBTQ community needed to be seen and recognized.

Orr took the opportunity to make her statement during her graduation ceremony after having earned her psychology degree in January.

Following the ceremony, Orr has garnered both praise and criticism, with most of the kickback coming from people who have known her as opposed to strangers. Aside from the criticism, Orr says that her decision to flaunt the pride flag made an immediate impact on people, saying that people had stopped her and thanked her for what she had done.

As of now, Orr hasn’t heard from the school and is unsure if she’ll face any consequences, but that she doesn’t regret showing the flag.

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