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Ogden community pitches in to send local teen to prom

Ogden High teen Sarah Sandberg and her prom date.
Fox 13
Ogden High teen Sarah Sandberg and her prom date.

Community members in Ogden pitched in to make this year’s prom night one to remember for a local teenage girl.

Sarah Sandberg, an Ogden High senior, admitted that her self-esteem was very low and that she often felt anxious about going out in public, yet she still wanted to attend prom just like any other girl.

As prom night quickly approached, Sarah mainly had her prom dress but that was about it. Amanda Baker, Sarah’s mother, posted in an Ogden Facebook group looking for help, asking if anybody had any boutonnieres or corsages that they were going to throw out.

The amount of responses blew the two away with many different respondents volunteering to help Sarah with anything and everything to make her night special. One respondent bought flowers for Sarah and her date whereas another respondent, Chelsea Lasnik with the Glam Lab, offered to do the teen’s makeup. Sarah’s hair was styled by Karina Gabaldon, another respondent in the group. Other respondents also offered to help with pictures and makeup with everything being done free of charge.

Sarah had described these acts of kindness as “life-changing” and said it made her feel beautiful and wanted in the world, something special for a person with a disability like herself.

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