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Utah's abortion trigger law may limit OB-GYN training and recruitment

A pregnant person holds their stomach.

Increased abortion restrictions could decrease the range and quality of training OB-GYNs receive.

If Utah's abortion ban goes into effect, Utah could see a decrease in the number of OB-GYNw that work and study in the state.

The ban is currently on hold while a lawsuit over it moves through the courts.

University of Utah Health is one of the top residency programs in the West. If the services allowed in Utah are limited, students may not be able to receive a full range of training.

David Turok, licensed OB-GYN and professor at the U, says this could create a decrease in the number of applicants as well as the quality of care patients receive will decrease.

Since Utah has the fifth-highest fertility rate in the country, OB-GYN practitioners are in high demand.