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Utah ranked as worst state for road rage across the country

A man driving a car, his hand up on the steering wheel
why kei

A new Forbes Advisor report reveals that Utah has the worst road rage across the entire United States.

Across the nation, 5,000 drivers were surveyed for the report with at least 100 people responding from each state. It was found that 76% of Utah participants had been in a situation where another confrontational driver honked at them and 58% of the state’s respondents said they received an offensive gesture from another driver.

The report also discovered that 27% of Utah drivers knew somebody else in the state who had been injured from a situation involving road rage.

Oddly enough, results for the report were released just a day after a Taylorsville man was shot in the face during a road rage incident.

Other states experiencing high levels of road rage include Missouri, Colorado, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Nevada, Maryland, Indiana, Washington, and Delaware.