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Salt Lake woman organizing ‘bike bus’ method as new transportation for school kids

The black seat of a black bicycle with a red car in the background.
Alejandro Lopez

A Salt Lake mother has been trying to change how students get to school by offering a healthier alternative.

Hoping to promote community engagement, healthier lifestyles, and an improvement in air quality, Trina Perez is organizing the “bike bus” method for school transportation

Perez says her idea was inspired by several videos on social media where other cities have created their own successful “bike bus” groups. Portland and Oregon are just a few examples of cities where the concept has gotten plenty of support and thousands of views on both TikTok and Twitter.

Sam Balto, a physical education teacher in Portland, says that kids absolutely love the idea of the bike bus, quickly taking a liking to it. Balto says he has been encouraging other communities to spread awareness and organize bike buses, believing that students involved achieve better results in the classroom. He also says kids stay out of trouble and are more equipped to make healthier choices as a result of the bike bus method.

Perez has been hoping to organize her own successful bike bus group with the students at Rose Park Elementary in Salt Lake City. Currently, she is trying to raise money to acquire 150 bikes for students at the school so they can join in on the fun. A GoFundMe page has been set up for people to help contribute to her goal.

The first bike bus event for Rose Park Elementary is scheduled to take place in mid-October where children and families will meet at a local park and ride to school.

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