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Pleasant Grove school receives $100,000 donation for student meals from anonymous donor

A young girl eating food out of a styrofoam container
MD Duran

Nearly $100,000 was donated by an anonymous donor towards covering breakfast and lunch meals at a Pleasant Grove elementary school.

Parents of children attending Manila Elementary received the news through email learning that a generous donor offered the money to cover meals for kids throughout the remainder of the year. The email says that the donor wanted to help out by making meals one less thing people have to worry about and that the donation was a way to help students focus all their efforts on growing socially, physically, and mentally without worry.

Rachelle Spencer, principal of the school, says that children already received free meals for the last two years following the COVID-19 pandemic and that the donor wanted to continue that concept. Spencer added that she’s seen kids come to school hungry and that she’s seen others who don’t have much food at home, so this donation was a huge blessing for everyone involved.

Parents are also very thankful for the donation. Krystyl Hill, a mother of two students at the school, says that it’s a huge help for parents who no longer have to worry about being able to afford food. Ashley Harris is another parent and teacher of the school, saying that the donation has greatly impacted her family. Harris says that, as a mother, it’s amazing knowing that somebody cares about her children and the other students.

According to the Alpine School District, the donor hopes to expand this program to other schools.

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