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Local business heartbroken after act of vandalism

Fox 13 News

Owners and employees of a local dessert shop in downtown Salt Lake City have been left heartbroken after somebody vandalized their café by shattering their glass storefront.

Doki Doki Dessert Café is a Japanese-inspired restaurant that specializes in making fish-shaped taiyaki waffles, wildly popular crème puffs, and their famous decorated crepe cakes. Their presence in the community is widely beloved but on Wednesday morning, somebody vandalized the front window of the shop by throwing a rock through it, forcing the owners to board it up with a giant piece of wood.

The owner of Doki Doki referred to the vandalism as a “senseless act of destruction” in an Instagram story following the incident.

Madi Brown, an employee at the shop, recalls the event by saying that there was a really loud crash and glass splattered all throughout the shop. Celeste de la Valentina, a customer, says that it’s sad that there’s people out there wanting to do something like this to a local business. Valentina ended up visiting the shop sometime after the incident because she wanted to support those working there.

Salt Lake City police say that, despite the crime taking place on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, there is no indication that this act of destruction was a targeted crime.

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