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Earthquake "swarm" recorded in Cache County
Benson Swarm

The ten earthquakes recorded near Benson, located about 5 miles west of Logan, on Monday through Tuesday range in magnitude from 1.9 to 3.2, according to the University of Utah Seismograph Stations.

Dr. Susanne Jänecke, a recently retired professor in the department of Geosciences at Utah State University, said "it is likely an earthquake swarm which is not super common." She added it could potentially last for several more hours or days. Researchers are currently trying to determine if the swarm is associated with a particular fault in Cache Valley such as the active Dayton-Oxford fault zone, the West Cache fault zone, or the East Cache fault zone.

The confirmed depths of all the earthquakes are still unknown but Dr. Jänecke said scientists will likely know all the depths within the next few days, which will help determine the fault they are associated with, if any.

Swarms rarely precede major earthquake events, said Jänecke. However, there are exceptions and she said it's a reminder to prepare for one. Her video,Faults and Eathequakes has general information including on risks and preparedness. You can also learn more at: The Great Utah ShakeOut - Get Ready!

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