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Friday AM headlines: Norovirus outbreak in Grand County schools, Ogden's new flag

The new Ogden flag. It has an aqua background with a white stripe through it, a navy blue circle, and white mountains.
Ogden City Council
The new Ogden City flag, designed by Cody Hockin.

Ogden chooses a new city flag

The Ogden City Council recently chose and adopted a new city flag after a year-long process.

The 215 submitted designs were reviewed and narrowed down to 100 by the Youth City Council (YCC), then to 10 by the Design Review Committee (DRC), then to three by the Ogden City Council. The final recommendation was made by the YCC, DRC and Ogden City Administration.

The winner was designed by Ogden-based graphic designer Cody Hockin. It features an aqua and white background with white mountains and a navy blue circle. Hockin said the colors represent values like freedom, determination and harmony.

Hockin was awarded a $1,000 cash prize for the winning design, with the other finalists being awarded $750.

Norovirus outbreak in Grand County School District

Grand County School District is learning remotely for two days after reports of a norovirus outbreak at an elementary school. The decision was made based on recommendations by the Southeast Utah Health Department with the goal of preventing additional transmission and allowing time for schools to be thoroughly cleaned.

The school district informed the public of an outbreak at Helen M. Knight Elementary in Moab on Wednesday. All schools in the district will be remote on Friday and Monday, including school activities.

Norovirus is an infectious disease that can cause diarrhea, vomiting, nausea and stomach pain, with symptoms usually developing 12-48 hours after exposure. Health officials recommend washing hands regularly and cleaning dirty surfaces, as contaminated surfaces can spread the virus. There is currently no vaccine to prevent or treat it.

Kids who show symptoms of norovirus are being asked by health officials to stay home until 48 hours after their symptoms have ended. The Southeast Utah Health Department is also asking anyone in Grand County who’s exhibiting symptoms to fill out a short questionnaire.

Historic Holladay home faces demolition

A historic home in Holladay, Utah faces an uncertain future with the threat of demolition. The home was built in 1879 by one of the founding families of Holladay and is one of the few remaining adobe structures in the area.

Sequoia Development has obtained approval for constructing new townhomes on the site, but a group of preservationists are pushing back, citing a loss of local history.

The developers said they investigated moving the home, but found it physically and financially not feasible. They are open to selling the property. They also noted there was little to no pushback in the initial process of getting approval for the townhouses, with opposition only rising once they were ready to start demolition.

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