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Wednesday AM headlines: Davis County investigates animal cruelty toward horse

A white and gray horse standing by a fence. There are a few shallow cuts along its face.
Davis County Animal Care
Davis County

Davis County investigating after horse was tied and dragged behind trailer

An investigation is underway in Davis County after officials were contacted about a horse allegedly tied and dragged behind a trailer.

Farmington officials were first contacted on Monday by news agencies about a video of the incident on social media. Davis County Animal Care Officers were dispatched and examined the horse, finding minor injuries. They say the horse should make a full recovery.

The individual responsible has been issued a criminal citation for allegedly violating the Cruelty to Animals Davis County Code. According to county officials, the individual is cooperating with the investigation.

Their name has not been released, likely for safety reasons, as there have reportedly been threats of violence to both those involved and public officials over the incident. Davis County officials have asked the public to refrain from threats of violence of any kind and to remember the individual is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Two Utah elementary schools named National Blue Ribbon Schools

Two Utah schools have been named National Blue Ribbon Schools by the Department of Education this year. Salt Lake City’s Wasatch Elementary School and Milford Elementary School in Milford were among more than 350 schools in the U.S. that received the recognition.

National Blue Ribbon Schools are chosen for excellence in one of two categories: academic performance in state or nationally normed tests, and advancements in closing achievement gaps among student groups. The program has been going on since 1982.

Four hundred twenty schools can be nominated each year, but only 353 received recognition this year. The vast majority were public schools, and all but four states were represented in the awards.

You can find a complete list of the 2023 winners here.

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