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Wednesday PM headlines: Outlaw Butch Cassidy’s home may become a state monument

Butch Cassidy's childhood home, an small, weathered wood structure in an open field.
Jimmy Emerson
Famous outlaw Butch Cassidy's childhood home outside of Circleville in Piute County.

Rep. Moore was the deciding vote that stopped Mayorkas' impeachment. Here’s why

Utah Congressman Blake Moore was the deciding vote that allowed U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas to avoid impeachment.

Mayorkas faced an impeachment vote over issues regarding migrants coming to the southern border. House Republicans claim he’s violating immigration laws by not detaining enough migrants and implementing a humanitarian parole program they claim bypasses Congress.

Rep. Moore originally voted in favor of impeachment but switched at the last minute, changing the final vote to 214-216.

Moore said this was a procedural move done when he saw the vote was tied, which would mean the impeachment would still fail, so that House Republicans could later offer a motion to reconsider.

Davis County asking for $30 million to build homeless shelter

Davis County is asking for $30 million from the Utah State Legislature to create a homeless shelter.

The request is in response to a bill passed last year that mandates certain counties create Code Blue responses for extremely cold nights, as well as make beds available for people experiencing homelessness.

Davis County’s task force hopes to build a site that provides both emergency shelter and permanent supportive housing. They’re currently looking for a property that would work but haven’t found one yet.

The county’s current strategy on Code Blue nights is to distribute hotel and motel vouchers to unsheltered individuals.

Water will soon be released from Utah Lake towards Great Salt Lake

Utah water managers will soon begin releasing water from Utah Lake as it reaches maximum capacity for the first time in over a decade.

The move will prevent flooding and also help the Great Salt Lake, as the extra water will flow through the Jordan River into the lake.

The amount of water that will get to the Great Salt Lake is currently unknown but will be measured once the water is released.

With recent high precipitation, more controlled releases are also expected in other basins.

Outlaw Butch Cassidy’s home may become a state monument

Utah lawmakers are seeking to make famous outlaw Butch Cassidy’s childhood home a state monument.

Born in 1866, Cassidy eventually became famous alongside his partner “Sundance Kid” Harry Longabaugh as bank and rain robbers who eventually fled to South America. The duo was immortalized in a 1969 film starring Robert Redford and Paul Newman.

Concurrent Resolution Creating the Butch Cassidy State Monument would create Butch Cassidy State Monument on land near Cassidy’s childhood home outside Circleville in Piute County.

The resolution passed through Utah’s House of Representatives with a vote of 70-1 and has now been sent to the Senate Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment Committee for further discussion.

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