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Wednesday AM headlines: LDS church acquires Kirtland Temple

Street view of the Kirtland Temple, which is off-white with one spire in the front.
Ken Lund
The Kirtland Temple in Ohio, which was the first temple to be completed after the Latter-day Saints church was founded in 1830.

LDS Church acquires Kirtland Temple and other historic sites

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has acquired several historic sites and documents, including the historic Kirtland Temple.

Under the landmark agreement with Community of Christ, which was announced on Tuesday, the church will assume stewardship of the Kirtland Temple in Ohio, which was the first temple completed after the church was founded in 1830.

The agreement also included several historic buildings in Nauvoo, Illinois and various manuscripts and artifacts previously owned by Community of Christ.

The transfer was made for an undisclosed amount of money.

Delta Airlines quietly hikes checked bag fees

Delta Airlines has quietly increased fees for checked bags by 17%, following a trend by other airlines.

The $5 increase makes the fee for a first checked bag $35 and a second checked bag $45 for domestic flights.

Delta is the third major U.S. carrier to hike bag fees in the last month, following American Airlines and United Airlines. Two smaller carriers, Alaska Airlines and JetBlue Airways, have also increased fees recently.

Delta said this increase will help it keep up with unspecified rising industry costs.

SLC ordinance limiting public comment prompts vocal protest and delays

A proposed Salt Lake City ordinance to limit public comments was met with strong and vocal disapproval by residents Tuesday evening.

The measure would cap the public comment period at one hour for general topics, though it wouldn’t give a time limit for public hearings on specific issues such as land use.

Salt Lake City Council Chairwoman Victoria Petro said the measure is in response to meetings being prolonged by extended general public comment periods several times over the past few years leading to what she calls a strain on resources, especially time.

The city reviewed public comment policies in other U.S. cities to craft changes. Then, at Tuesday’s meeting, the Salt Lake City Council abruptly moved to pass the resolution without public comment.

This was then met with backlash from residents who had come to speak against the resolution. The council had to call for a 20-minute recess to calm down the situation, only to be stopped by another disruption not soon after.

Eventually, the room was cleared out and the council adopted the measure without an audience.

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