Debating Medical Marijuana On Wednesday's Access Utah

Apr 11, 2018


Utah Patients Coalition, which is leading a ballot initiative campaign in support of medical marijuana, says that “right now, Utah patients battling cancer, seizures, and other life-threatening conditions must break the law in order to relieve their pain and suffering. By passing the medical cannabis ballot initiative … Utah can end this cruel and unjust policy.” A recent poll, published by, shows that 77% of Utahns strongly or somewhat favor access to medical marijuana. It appears likely that this measure will appear on the November ballot in Utah.

Rep. Brad Daw R-Orem, says "when I poll my constituents, they want medical cannabis. But what they want is a carefully controlled program. Not the wide-open program the initiative’s sponsoring." Gov. Gary Herbert says “I don’t support the current ballot initiative because it poses a host of unintended legal and law enforcement issues.” Rep. Daw was a sponsor of several bills which passed recently in the Utah Legislature, and which were signed by Gov. Herbert: HB 195, gives terminally ill patients a "right to try" medical marijuana, and HB 197 gives the state a monopoly on marijuana cultivation, processing, and sales of medical cannabis; and SB 130 which amends provisions related to cannabidiol products.

We’ll talk about Medical Marijuana today. Our guests include: Michelle McOmber, CEO of the Utah Medical Association; and Rep. Brad Daw, R-Orem.