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Summerfest Recap: The Life Of A Summer-Festival Artist

Last week, artists and musicians gathered in downtown Logan to display and share their art. Many of the artists will go on to display their artwork at various festivals throughout the summer.

At Logan's Summerfest, there was a variety of art forms ranging from traditional paintings to digital art and weaving.


At one of the booths was Cathy Novak who makes jewelry from rocks she finds while traveling.


“We did software in a time where it was a smart thing to do so we could retire early," Novak said. "We didn’t really retire, what we actually did was we volunteered in national parks where we went hiking. Hiking turned into rockhounding, rockhounding turned into, 'We need to do something with these rocks.' And so here we are. Now I do rocks as my hobby, meditation, avocation.”


Alejehandro Mendoza is a traditional weaver from Oaxaca, Mexico. He learned to weave and find dyes from plants and natural materials while living in his village.


“What inspires me the most is the region that I come from which has a lot of history and it has a lot of archeological sites from which I get my designs - the colors and all of the materials that I use for my weavings,” Mendoza said.


Adam Hoffman also finds inspiration through nature. He uses math and computer programs to create geometric patterns called fractals.


“Fractals are found in nature all around us and that’s where my inspiration comes from," Hoffman said. "As far as doing them digitally, I’m a computer geek and I like art and I really like bright colors.”


Now that SummerFest has ended, many of the artists we met have relocated, set up their wares, throughout the country. Cathy Novak will be at Moab’s art festival and an event in Arizona, and Mendoza’s weaves can be found in different festivals throughout California. Such is the life of an artist.