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How Can You Improve Your Environmental Footprint In 2019?


As we kick off 2019 it’s a great time to start thinking about how can we improve our environmental footprint this year. And a lot of people associate sustainability with loss but actually, there’s a lot to be gained by engaging in sustainable behaviors.

For example, in January if you want to shed paperweight you can actually gain time by not having to sift through so much junk mail and opt out of receiving junk mail by visiting the direct marketing association’s mail preference service at and opting out of receiving junk mail. An easy new year’s resolution to achieve by shedding some paperweight.

In February you can decide to be a cool valentine by turning down your thermostat. Especially when your house is empty during the day that thermostat, that high is heating the house with no one in it and you’re wasting money on an electric bill that you could just really reduce by just turning your thermostat down. An easy behavior. And the energy part is a really big part to consider because the big three hitters when it comes to reducing our environmental footprint are our mode of transportation, the food we consume and also our energy consumption. So anything we can do to reduce our energy consumption will help us improve our environmental footprint.

In March you can think about natural spring cleaning and there are lots of great recipes and products now on the market that are not harmful for you or your children as you are cleaning your house that still do a really good job.

If you want to find out more information about sustainability feel free to visit my website at