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Knowing When Your Melons Are Ripe


August is starting as hot and dry as July. That means keeping up with your garden irrigation. As more crops mature and the fruit ripens, keep those plants healthy and productive by making sure that you continue to apply about one and a half inches of water per week.

I noticed as melons are starting to ripen, too many people have problems with deciding when to harvest a melon. So, here are some tips for watermelon; look for a strong contrast between dark and light stripes on the fruit. Turn the fruit over and look at the ground spot; it should be buttery to yellow and colored. Also, the tendril near the stem attachment should be brown and dried out.

For cantaloupe, look for that background adding color; it should be bright tan. The Stem should pull easily away from the fruit- that is a good indicator.

Honeydew is a bit harder. Try to rub your hand over the fruit; if it feels slippery, it is still green and immature. If it feels like some sticky waxes have formed and that means it's also more mature. Also, pushing on the blossom end with your thumb, if it has a little bit of giving, it's ripe.

So enjoy those garden melons and enjoy the rest of your garden. It's peak abundance right now.