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Animal Activist To Hold Multiple Vigils At Utah Farms


Representatives from an animal rights group are gathering near an egg farm in Utah. Direct Action Everywhere is holding the vigil for as many as 300,000 chickens lost during a fire at the the Fassio Egg Farm near Tooele.  The group is also responsible for taking two piglets from the Millard, Utah Circle Four Farms in June.

Wayne Hsiung is the founder of Direct Action Everywhere, an animal activist group. Hsiung was involved in taking two piglets from Circle Four Farms to an animal sanctuary outside of the state. Activists claim the piglets were rescued from abuse. The F.B.I. tracked down the animals in Colorado in an effort to return the stock to Circle Four Farms.

Animal activists will be holding a 24-hour vigil in front of Circle Four Farms and the Fassio Egg Farm near Tooele starting Friday night.

“We’re just going to have activists holding white flowers, singing songs, and praying in some cases, meditating,” Hsiung said. “Just asking Circle Four to have mercy on these piglets and to stop causing so much suffering and violence to so many animals. We’re asking the F.B.I and the U.S. Attorney to do the same. Just have compassion, it’s not even that much of an ask.”

Hsiung says he won’t be surprised if he is arrested by law enforcement this weekend for civil disobedience.