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Logan mayor talks economy, snowfall and more in State of the City address

Logan Mayor Holly Daines speaks while standing behind a lectern in the Logan Municipal Council chambers.
Jacob Scholl
Utah Public Radio
Logan Mayor Holly Daines addresses the community during her 2024 "State of the City" address on Feb. 20, 2024 in Logan.

In her State of the City address Tuesday night, Logan Mayor Holly Daines recapped a busy year for the city, which was full of updates and improvements. Along with detailing the changes to the city throughout 2023, Daines also provided a forecast of what’s to come.

She said the city’s years of conservative financial management has paid dividends, as the city has been able to set aside money for projects into the future.

“That philosophy combined with a great economy has positioned us to make major investments in capital projects and infrastructure, all while balancing our budget and maintaining a good fiscal position," Daines said.

However, she added Logan’s economy has slowed in recent months and sales tax revenue is down, meaning the city will be reducing its capital budget and being more fiscally conservative.

Daines highlighted some of the larger hurdles the city faced in the last year, including a record amount of snowfall last winter that fell in Logan. Typically, the city gets around 55 inches of snow per winter, but last year, around 134 inches fell in the city.

“Snow plow drivers plowed the entire city an average of every three days," Daines said. "It brought a spring with extremely high water flows and Public Works managed 24-hour river watch efforts and monitoring of pumps at Dewitt Springs.”

Daines’ address also included a look to the future. The brand-new, long-awaited Logan Library will open in the coming weeks, with a ribbon cutting ceremony set for March 4. The Logan Fire Department will also soon be opening its brand new Station 70, replacing an aging station built in the 1970s.

All in all, Daines said the future is bright for both Logan and Cache Valley as a whole.

“In summary, with the support of the council members, executive team and our outstanding city employees, we as a team have accomplished a great deal," Daines said. "It has been a great year, thank you.”

Reporter Jacob Scholl covers northern Utah as part of a newly-created partnership between The Salt Lake Tribune and Utah Public Radio. Scholl writes for The Tribune and appears on-air for UPR.