Capitol Hill Crowd Urges State Lawmakers To Ban Business Vaccine Mandates

Sep 17, 2021

Utah State Capitol Building.
Credit Pixabay

A crowd of small business owners and anti-vaccine mandate activists gathered at the House Office Building on the Capitol grounds on Wednesday. They were urging lawmakers to do something and not allow COVID-19 vaccine requirements for employees.

Rep. Suzanne Harrison, D-Draper, who is also an anesthesiologist, spoke during the committee meeting on what she has seen inside crowded hospital settings. Harrison says she was bullied by the crowd. She says to hear people booing about her lived experience as a doctor was “really disheartening and disappointing.”


An anti-vaccine activist says the booing was in response to ICU statistics because the group doesn’t believe the ICUs are full with exclusively COVID patients. 


Former state Sen. Brian Shiozawa, who once served as an ER physician, says he isn’t going to wade into the mandate debate, calling it a “presidential issue.” But, he did say the empirical data shows that people in our ICUs right now are unvaccinated, for the most part. He says the people who are dying of COVID-19 are those who are unvaccinated.