DEBUNKED Episode 9: Myth 'Not My Kids'

Sep 10, 2020

Credit Naassom Azevedo, Unsplash

In episode nine, we are Debunking the myth “Not my kids.” Our host, Tim Light, welcomes co-host Dr. Stacey MacArthur, Utah State University Extension 4-H and Youth Programs; Tim Keady, USU Extension Assistant Professor of Health & Wellness and HEART Initiative team member; Charla Bocchicchio, author of My New Normal: A Mother's Story of the Opioid Epidemic; and Gabriel Glissmeyer, USU Masters degree student who has experienced life as the sibling of a substance user. 

This episode addresses the risks of exposure to opioids that face today's youth and the belief that by raising our children “right,” we eliminate the chance of them developing a substance use disorder. During this conversation, you'll hear stories of real families that faced the hard realities of substance use disorder.