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Stepfamilies, differences and expectations


Kerry Boone
Blended families are all so unique. Researchers have identified 67 different configurations or types of stepfamilies. So having such a variety of configurations means socio-cultural norms and healthy models are really rare. So when blended families and stepfamilies attempt to apply family rules and expectations from first families, it can be super frustrating. It's important and takes a lot of work to establish rules, norms and expectations that fit your unique family circumstance. And how common are stepfamilies? An estimated half of Americans today are or will be in a relationship in their lifetime. And every year, almost half of marriages are re marriages or one or both partners. So step families are extremely common.

Nick Porath
What are some of the things you address in your courses for step families?

Kerry Boone
We look at building strong relationships for the couple as well as with children and stepchildren. We talk a lot about parenting and step parenting which are in different styles and strategies. For those. It's important to note that successful step parenting develops differently than successful parenting, that looks a little bit different. We discuss ways to develop empathy to improve communication, as well as practical issues like navigating some of the complex financial challenges in blended families great who's eligible to take the course. This course is available free to anyone living in the state of Utah that is part of stepfamily or potentially part of a stepfamily. It's a great course for someone in a relationship with someone who has children from a previous relationship and is preparing to combine or blend families. We've had people join from their honeymoon just as they're getting started, individuals who are dating someone with children from a previous relationship and want to learn more ways to be successful in that moving forward. And then other couples who've been married for years with everything in between. You can register for online and in person courses. And those are all on our website at Healthyrelationshipsutah.org