Four New Members Appointed To Utah Homelessness Council

Jul 2, 2021

A group working to tackle homelessness at the state level has named four new members who have been appointed by Utah Governor Spencer Cox. The Utah Homelessness Council appointees will serve four-year terms.

The most well-known of the four is Pamela Atkinson, a senior adviser to Cox. Cox’s office described her as a “tireless advocate for the homeless, refugees and low-income people.”


Brian Higgins, another new member of the council, is the leader of the nonprofit Mental Healthy F.i.T.  Higgins was once homeless himself about seven years ago. His main focus is to emphasize the importance of mental health within the homeless community.


Bonnie Kier-Herrick will serve as a statewide philanthropic leader on the council. She is currently a managing member of Kier Property Management & Real Estate, a role she’s had for 16 years.


The final new member of the council, Tiffanie Price, will serve as a representative of the private sector with expertise in homelessness issues. She is the founder of Axiom Properties and AxisT Inc. She also serves on the Pioneer Park Coalition executive committee.