Revisiting Native American Cuisine With Chef Nephi Craig On Tuesday's Access Utah

Jun 18, 2019

Credit Utah State University

Native American Culinary Association founder, Chef Nephi Craig, is visiting Utah State University to conduct a series of foods presentations and deliver a lecture on his work with the “Three Sisters” of Native American cuisine—beans, corn and squash—and to teach nutrition and share cultural heritage.   

Along with sharing on indigenous foodways, Craig will meet with folklore, nutrition, and plant, soils and climate students. Craig will give a lecture on March 6 at 3 p.m. at Merrill-Cazier Library in room 101, with a reception to follow.

Craig has 20 years of culinary experience having worked around the world and provides trainings, workshops and lectures on Native American cuisine for health at schools, restaurants, universities, treatment centers, behavioral health agencies and tribal entities. During Craig’s 9-year tenure at Sunrise Park Resort, including serving as executive chef, he and his culinary team achieved many national and international benchmarks in establishing a culture of indigenous foods across the country.