Southern Utah Clean Air Forum: Legislation For A Brighter Future On Thursday's Access Utah

Jan 24, 2019

Credit The independent

An event titled the “Southern Utah Clean Air Forum” was held recently in St. George. It was billed as “a discussion of proposed federal, state & local legislation focused on reducing energy emissions to improve our health and our children’s futures.” As we head toward the opening of the Utah Legislature next week, we’ll talk about clean air and the climate with three of the panelists from the forum on Thursday’s Access Utah.

Our guests include Dr. Yoram Bauman, who has a Ph.D. in environmental economics, is a leader of carbon tax legislation, and is an author and comedian “the world’s first and only stand-up economist;” Tom Moyer, the leader of Climate Utah, the state effort associated with Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s federal focus; and Bill Barron, a former small business owner and Alta ski patroller and marshall, who campaigned for federal office as a “climate candidate,” and founded Utah’s first Citizens’ Climate Lobby Chapter and is now its Mountain West Regional Coordinator.