St. Anne's Retreat On Wednesday's Access Utah

Apr 28, 2021

Credit Travel Channel

St. Anne’s Retreat, located in Logan Canyon, is well-known to Cache Valley residents due to the folklore of the place: tales of demonic nuns, evil witches, murdered babies, and more. Often referred to as “The Nunnery,” the site is a hub for thrill-seekers who trespass onto the property to see for themselves if the stories are true.

In a podcast created for Professor Matthew LaPlante’s Radio Production and Podcasting class, USU students Clayre Scott and Raegan Edelman take a look into the history and folklore of St. Anne’s to determine what started these haunting tales and how they have shaped the property today. Next time on Access Utah we’ll broadcast this podcast.


Clayre Scott is a freshman at Utah State University majoring in journalism with an emphasis in broadcasting.  


Raegan Edelman is a freshman at Utah State University, currently a double major in Journalism & Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations, and Art History.