Utah Colleges Are Starting To Launch ‘Esports’ Teams

Sep 24, 2021

Video came controller laying on table
Credit Pixabay

Some Utah colleges are starting to launch esports programs. These are competitive leagues for video gaming at the collegiate level that give students opportunities to win scholarships, find a career and more.

University of Utah Junior Alec Parent says he had to convince his parents to join. But now, he’s won $1,000 a year in scholarships and splits tournament winnings with his teammates. Parent is one of 34 students at the U of U with esports scholarships. 

Athletic director for Salt Lake Community College Kevin Dustin says he will be launching an esports program for the 2022-2023 school year. He says he recognizes video games as a sport and he likes the kinds of students they attract. 

A couple years ago, there were only seven colleges and universities with varsity gaming teams. Today, there are over 170 higher-ed institutions that offer esport programs for students.