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DEBUNKED Episode 10: Myth 'All Native Americans Do Is Drink, Gamble And Take Government Money'


In episode ten, we discuss another culturally-sensitive myth by debunking the idea that “all Native Americans do is drink, gamble, and take money from the government.” This episode is hosted by Tim Light and co-hosted by Michelle Chapoose, Tribal Liaison and Coordinator of the Tribal and Rural Opioid Initiative's Tribal Opioid Resource Center in Roosevelt, Utah. 

Tim and Michelle are joined by Irene Ota, retired Diversity Coordinator/Instructor/Program Manager at University of Utah, micro-aggressions professor and private diversity, social justice and inclusivity consultant, and Ashanti Mortiz, Outreach Director at Warrior Spirit Recovery Center in Tooele, Utah.

The information presented in Episode 10 explains why this statement is a myth, the realities of being a sovereign nation, and what influences have contributed to perpetuating this myth throughout history.