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From Preparing Your Outside Garden To Starting Your Indoor One


Wow, October and November have been quite this fall for us. They've been a real bonus here in northern Utah. So if your garden needs some attention, hopefully, you got things put to bed this year.

A couple of things that you may still need to think about. I had a call from a gardener about how much mulch and compost and manure to apply to his garden. Ideally, we should first soil sample to know what we have.

There's no point in adding all of this magic, compost, and manure if you don't know what your soil needs. Certainly, organic matter is helpful, but sometimes we run into problems with excessive nutrients and we need to know where we're starting. Contact your local extension office to get information on how to soil sample and then take a sample and send it in and you'll be ready to put on the nutrients next spring.

Remember, if you are putting a lot of leafy organic brown matter this fall, you're going to need some nitrogen next spring.

Finally, have you grown pots of basil parsley or cilantro in your house? You might need to do this.

You need a bright South window some four-inch pots with good potting soil and then liquid fertilizer. Seeds are scattered on the surface, wet the soil, and then germinate it in a warm spot and then move it to the window once the plants are up. And within a month or two you're going to have plenty of plant material to harvest.

Also, think about potting up some chives from your outdoor garden as well. And then you'll have fresh herbs ready for use all winter long.