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Knowing what can be replanted late summer in your garden


    This program aired in August 2021

I'm quite pleased with how my garden has dealt with the summer heat. I've been diligently watering it, I made sure to mulch the soil, and I kept an eye out for bugs and diseases.

My broccoli heads were a bit rough looking; poorly domed, lime green in color, rough, and had quite a bit of leaf growing through the heads. These are all signs of heat stress. 

My beans perform nicely and we're into the second planting harvest. When water-stressed, flowers are bored and pods don't fill out completely. So, the extra water helped a lot and productivity are good.

My lettuce did okay, a little bit bitter, but overall seem to take the heat quite well, if I kept more water to it. However, my spinach bolded early and our radishes did the same thing. I'll reseed all of this starting again in mid-August.

My peppers are just okay, they caught a virus, and plants' leaves and fruits are much smaller. I tried to get them to grow by giving them some extra care, but they didn't respond. There is no vaccine for these viruses. And I didn't pick up on it early enough to replant.

So, try again next year.

Tomatoes are producing nicely but size down and the skins are a bit tough. Normal responses when exposed to extra heat. Plenty of squash and cucumbers, they like the water and the garden keeps producing nicely, but I need to put on about an inch and a half per week. I'm putting that on two times per week. So, three-quarters of an inch per application to get me that one and a half inches. That will change some when it cools down a bit.