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November garden update from Dan Drost


One shouldn't really complain about the weather, particularly after our hot dry summer. However, due to the regular rain events that we've had here in northern Utah, my garden has just been too wet for me to do any fall work.

I did get some of the plants removed, but I like to incorporate compost and other organic matter in the fall as well. That way I have some places for early cool-season vegetable crops next spring. 

I think it's a bit late to do some of that, and I don't see the soil drying out very much in the next couple of weeks. So, I guess I'll just have to wait until March to start thinking about this kind of stuff again.

I'm also going to start a few basil and chives and parsley pots in my house. The pot should be about four inches tall. Fill them with good potting soil, scatter the seeds on the surface, and then cover with some plastic wrap that will keep the surface from drying out. Then I'm going to just place it in a warm place until the seedlings emerge. And after that, I'll just move it to a sunny window, preferably south-facing where it gets a lot of light, and with a month or so I should have a lot of vegetables to use in my cooking this winter. 

Other than that, I'm going to read a few catalogs, get caught up on some books that deal with the gardening, and basically veg out over the summer- over the winter- excuse me. I'm thinking summer already and it's not even winter!