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Advocacy groups and the 2023 Legislative Session on Monday's Access Utah

As the 2023 session of the Utah Legislature enters its second week there are many organizations advocating for their causes. We’ll talk to several of these groups today. Our guests will include Rusty Cannon, President of the Utah Taxpayers Association; Bill Tibbitts, Associate Director of the Crossroads Urban Center, Jason Stevenson, Director of Public Policy with Planned Parenthood Association of Utah, and Michael Melendez, Executive Vice President of the Libertas Institute of Utah. We’ll also give you an opportunity to tell us what you think the legislature should do this session. You can potentially help guide our planning of issues to cover on Access Utah during the session. You can email us now to

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Nicholas Porath is a Logan native and music lover. Having graduated from USU with a degree in broadcast journalism, it was while studying journalism that he found his niche and newfound love for radio. He first started out as an intern behind the scenes and eventually made his way to the production and control rooms where he worked as a fill-in host, as well as producer for numerous UPR programs including <i>Cropping Up, Access Utah, Behind the Headlines</i> and more. In 2023 he took on a new hurdle as UPR’s new Radio Broadcast Engineer. He still works as a programming producer and is a member of the Society of Broadcast Engineers.